Sri Prakash Chandra Kundu ,Jr Asst. is in-charge of the section.


             Holding/Property Tax is a service delivered to the citizen for the allotment of holding numbers to the citizen. It comprises of the application for new holding by the citizen, approval of the holding by the respective authorities and subsequently, payment by the citizen after which the holding is allotted to the citizen. The authority for the allotment of new holdings lies with the respective ULB wherein the holding is situated.

Citizen Access Point at the ULB:

1. Application for new holding: Tax Collector at the ULB where the holding is located.

2. Payment of demand for the holding: Tax Collector at the ULB where the holding is located.

Entry Conditions

v The following SLA comes into effect from the date when the citizen applies for the holding at  

       the ULB along with complete set of documents

v The minimum documents required for application of holding are:

  • Record of Rights (ROR)
  • Sale Deed
  • Identity Proof of owners (PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID Card, Ration Card or Electricity Bill)

v The citizen shall be provided an acknowledgement receipt with a unique identification number.

       Whi1ch shall act as a reference for all further issues until the holding number is generated.

v The citizen shall ensure full co-operation at the time of verification of the holding.

v All SLAs mentioned are the maximum SLAs for that stage and the task is to be completed in the minimum possible time.

Process Flow

The various officials in the ULB who are responsible for the process of approval of a holding are as follows:

1. Tax Collector

2. Tax Daroga

3. Deputy Commissioner / Executive Officer

4. Commissioner

Sl No Manual Process Municipal Corporation Municipal Council Notified Area Council SLA (30 Days)
1 Entry of Holding Tax Application at ULB for manual applications submitted by the citizen Tax Collector Tax Collector Clerk  
2 Field Verification of Holding (Process is manual. Comments to be entered on e-Municipality) Tax Collector Tax Collector Clerk 15 Days
3 Approval of Application Tax Collector Tax Collector Clerk 5 Days
4 Approval of Holding Deputy Commissioner Executive Officer Executive Officer 5 Days
5 Approval of Holdings for which Holding Tax greater than Rs.10, 00, 000 Commissioner Executive Officer Executive Officer 5 Days

Payment Details

=> The payment required for issuance of holding is Demand Payment for the holding

=> The value of the Demand Payment is decided based on the Annual Rent Value Method, Unit Area Method or Point Value Method whichever is prevalent in the respective ULB where the holding is located.  

=> The payment can either be made quarterly or annually.

Possible Slack Times

The possible slack times in the above flow are:

1. Entry of offline request submitted by the citizen into the application / Filing of request in case    of ULBs where e-Municipality is not in use

2. Field Verification of the holding by the Tax Collector.


The following cases are exceptions where the above SLAs shall not be applicable

1. Citizen is yet to submit the complete set of documents for the approval of the holding

2. Holding has been found to be under dispute which shall involve legal interruption

Action to be taken

The following action shall be taken in case the above SLAs are not adhered to:

For ULBs which come under the purview of e-Municipality

1. SMS Message and e-Mail notification shall be sent to the next approver since a day is left before  the completion of the SLA for that stage

2. In case of the final stage before Generation of holding no, SMS and e-Mail shall be sent to the Current approver each day until the holding is approved.

   For all cases the citizen can take the following action, if the holding No is not issued within 30 days

  1. The citizen can appeal to the designated Appellate Authority and Reviewing Authority for the said service in case the holding is not approved within 30 days
  Municipal Corporation Municipal Council NAC
Appellate Authority Commissioner Executive Officer Executive Officer
Reviewing Authority Director, Municipal Administration Collector ADM

This municipality has imposed holding tax, light tax and water tax as per following rate.

                        Holding Tax             –

                        Light Tax                  –

                        Water Tax                 –